Monday, January 2, 2012

I love this image.~ I don't know who this is, but I'm gonna copy it. *hearts*

Happy New Year, lovelies~ :3 Lots of new stuff coming up soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vogue TV

Okay, how did I not ever find this before..? Perhaps it was all the intimidatingly different writing all over the website; the fact that I know what none of it means and if you're just flipping through the tabs, every page seems to have the same or similar content on it... That is, until you stumble on the wonderfully English words "Vogue TV."

I'm talking about the Vogue Nippon website. Appropriately, almost everything is in Japanese, which is only bad if you're an English-speaking fashionista unfamiliar with Vogue's website at all seeking eye-candy and inspiration. I was almost ready to give up on it, actually, as my random clicking around failed to take me anywhere filled with highly-processed images of gorgeous girls in gorgeous clothes with gorgeous lighting and composition. And who knows, I may get a little more ambitious in my frantic search for quick inspiration and go clicking on every single link on that site to find myself in a wonderland of images, but as for now, I am totally content with what I found.

I clicked on the tab "Vogue TV" with slightly higher spirits than I'd navigated the rest of the site with - seeing words I understood was like seeing the first neon sign in the desert before Vegas. Good things sure to come. Now, I may not be telling you all anything new. I may seem terribly naive to be so late on the boat. Honestly, I'm way too giddy about finding this to care. I think I might have actually giggled with glee when I saw the page full of video from fashion shows. I used to have a TV channel that was true fashion television, unobtainably delicious, and they would play fashion shows all day. I watched religiously until suddenly the channel was gone, no longer readily available on the TV guide, and the screen that was busy with the strut of too thin girls on too high heels when I'd fallen asleep was pitch black when I woke up, with what equates to a goodbye letter on the bottom of the screen letting me know that it wouldn't be back. A sad day indeed. I didn't know how to go about finding anything like that again because I'd never seen anything like it before. Like a stinted lover, I just resigned to the fact that it was gone forever.

It's funny - as I'm writing this, I'm thinking of Adele's song, "Someone Like You." In my hopeless state, that's exactly how I felt! But now I've found my new someone, and I intend to exhaust the relationship with my neediness, constantly spending time and thinking about my new love, endlessly seeking to know EVERYTHING about that someone - like any good, passion-driven romance, right? ;) (Before long, I'll be a right and proper psycho ex-girlfriend!)

My current love affair involves Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Sara Burton for McQueen, and Peter Copping for Nina Ricci. Giambattista Valli has my admiration, as well as Louis Vuitton and Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, which I will likely be referencing for future fashion shoots. I'm too poor to afford the real thing, but if I use them as inspiration and find those basic elements in more obtainable ways, I might be able to create something that looks .08% as beautiful. :D Ambitions.

I haven't even watched everything on the first page yet, but I'm actually gathering wardrobe for a rather inspired shoot as we speak, so I'll get back to that while you enjoy all the visual goodness.~

Take care, Lovelies!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hello, Lovelies!

First off, let me explain myself:

My name is Lauren and I love everything. Because of this fact, I can be contradictory. Take this layout for instance - nice and sweet like Valentine's Day.~ Well, see, they didn't have a layout that quite illustrated my exact brand of eclectic. Nothing that referenced Elegant Gothic Lolita and Punk, Girly and Grunge, Hippie and Rockstar... I like hearts and crosses and polka dots and spikes. I like owls and octopi, elephants and bunnies. I like neutral and neon, monochrome and rainbow. I love crazy-colored hair and natural beauty, wildlife and nightlife. Pink and Nicki Minaj and Bjork and Sara Bareilles. Audrey Hepburn and Chloe Sevigny. Japanese street fashion and Marie Antoinette. Bass guitar and tiny dollhouse tea sets.
Clearly, finding a layout that might illustrate all of that would be quite a task, and one I wasn't likely to succeed at. So I chose something that demonstrated the underlying emotion in all that I do. When I see this layout, I think of Love - definitely the reason I do what I do. If I don't love it, I don't do it. I wanted this place to express my one constant inspiration, and that will always be Love.

So what is this place to me?
Well, it's a blog. It's a portfolio. Sometimes it'll be a shop. It's a dream board, a wishlist, a megaphone to the universe shouting what I intend to manifest in my life. It's my own personal magazine. And hopefully one you'll enjoy and subscribe to. :)

I'll be posting about photoshoots, posting pictures from shoots, selling some clothes from shoots, and posting inspirations for future shoots. You'll read about the models I worked with, the stylists, the music, and the whole crazy process of bringing several different creative visions into one cohesive idea. I'll write about websites and businesses that I like, and I'll post anything that I think might be helpful to all you Creatives out there. I welcome comments and constructive critiques! I want to learn and grow, as well as share my experience with you.

This is my passion, and I want to practice living it as much as possible. The visual arts have always been where my heart is, and apparently the love of fashion has always been right with me as well. According to my dad, I learned to use the potty when my parents bought me frilly underwear. I never soiled a single pair. Somehow, in my young age, I understood the value of pretty clothing. And now, at the ripe old age of 22, I'm channeling that appreciation of pretty clothing into another love of mine - Photography. Fashion Photography. I can't think of a better way to combine these two intensely emotional mediums of self-expression.

I use Model Mayhem as a means of networking with people in my field. You can view my page HERE.

I use Chictopia to indulge my hungry eyes with all the fashion inspiration they could possibly want. I also post looks every now and again. :) Check me out!

And if you don't want to bother with either of those, there's always Facebook!

I'm excited about this! I'm excited about what it means for me, putting myself out there to commune with like-minded Lovelies. :) I'm excited about you and whatever you have to offer, and sharing whole-heartedly with you. Dude, I'm just excited. X3 Yay.~